March 7, 2023

Antwerp’s museum of fine arts presents grand collection at ITB Berlin after full renovation

One of the most spectacular fine art museums in Europe, the KMSKA (Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp) reopened its doors after 11 years of construction. Its spectacular collection will be on display at the ITB Berlin Cultural Lounge.

The return of ITB Cultural Lounge is the perfect opportunity for the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp or KMSKA to announce its reopening to the global travel industry. The museum reopened its doors last September, after 11 years of construction and renovation. The ancient building has been fully revamped, with 40% additional space to host and highlight one of Europe’s most spectacular art collections.

Flanders invested over 100,000 euros in the project and the result is well worth a visit. With 8,400 artworks, the KMSKA’s collection is the largest and most valuable in Flanders. The collection is the product of the eclectic tastes of many collectors and directors from different eras. The oldest work dates from the early 14th century. While the KMSKA’s collection is mainly from Belgium and the Southern Netherlands, it also boasts a number of international masterpieces of exceptional quality.

Among its highlights are Flemish medieval sculptures and paintings, a collection of oversized works by Antwerp native Sir Peter Paul Rubens and many other paintings from German expressionists, Albrecht Dürer and Magritte or Rick Wouters. Of particular note is the world’s largest collection of works by Belgian painter James Ensor. The museum is an ideal activity for families, with many interactive tools to “dialogue” with artists and learn about their history in a fun and exciting format. The KMSKA is definitely a strong incentive to (re)discover Antwerp and its many artistic treasures.