February 24, 2023

ITB Berlin 2023 highlights hottest adventure and youth travel trends

Youth travel, adventure travel and sustainable tourism are being featured on several stands across the Youth Travel & Economic Accommodation and Adventure Travel & Responsible Tourism segments at ITB Berlin

Young people are travelling farther, staying longer and spending more money than they previously did, according to the New Horizons recurring global youth and student travel survey conducted by the WYSE Travel Confederation. These are just some of the findings being presented at ITB Berlin through a series of workshops, round-table discussions and keynote speeches.

Various national and international companies and associations representing the youth travel market have been coming together since 1999 under the Youth Travel & Economy Accommodation segment to jointly present the sector. Different partners such as the Student Travel Agent Network (STAN), school trip organisers, accommodation providers and specialist youth travel associations will be represented in this segment in Hall 4.1.

A number of international companies will be represented on the WYSE (World Youth Student and Educational)Travel Confederation stand, including hostel and hotel chains as well as organisations offering student travel, exchange programmes, international volunteer services and student accommodation. Presentations on youth travel topics will be held every hour on the hour. 

At the Youth, Adventure & Outdoor track of the ITB Berlin Convention, David Chapman, director general of the WYSE Travel Confederation, and Shayna Zand, director of WeTravel, will hold a session entitled “GenZ and the transformation of travel” where they will share their experiences since the end of the COVID pandemic and discuss how they believe motivation and behaviour will shape international travel and tourism in the near future. The session will take place on Wednesday, 8 March at 2 pm on the Green Stage in Hall 3.1.

Visitors to the trade show will also be able to participate in different events in the workshop area of KiJu-Reisen on Stand 121 of the youth travel network Reisenetz e.V, including daily student tours featuring company presentations, round-table discussions on youth policy topics and presentations on staffing and career prospects.

There will be a get-together to give all of those representing the youth travel market a chance to meet and exchange ideas on Stand 121 of Reisenetz e.V. on Wednesday, 8 March at 6 p.m. in Hall 4.1.

Under the heading “Adventure Travel and Responsible Tourism,” the new ITB Lighthouse Stage in Hall 4.1 will feature keynote speeches and presentations on adventure travel and responsible tourism subjects. A list of the programme of events on the ITB Lighthouse Stage in Hall 4.1 can be found on the ITB website.

The Youth Travel & Economy Accommodation segment and the Adventure Travel & Responsible Tourism segment can both be found in Hall 4.1 at ITB Berlin 2023.

Travel trends for the Under-30 market

At the Youth Travel & Economy Accommodation segment at ITB Berlin this year, travel specialists with experience in some of the latest trends for travellers under 30 will provide insight into the importance of targeting this market. Visitors to the trade show will be able to discuss their views on the topic with experts from around the world specialising in hybrid hostels, digitalisation, sustainability and other specific subjects in addition to broader youth travel trends

Space tourism opportunities

As part of the adventure and responsible tourism programme of events taking place on the ITB Lighthouse Stage at ITB Berlin, there will be a presentation on the trend of travellers going to remote parts of the word in order to follow cosmic events. On Wednesday, 8 March 2023, Dr. Andreas Hänel, astronomer, Dark Sky Group, Vereinigung der Sternfreunde Kommission e.V., will hold a session entitled “Astro-tourism – Journey to the stars.” In this presentation he will provide insight into the future of space tourism and explore the opportunities the international emergence of this niche sector represents for a socially responsible and sustainable future.

Photo: © Luke Porter – unsplash