March 16, 2023

Discover one of the world’s most visionary holiday developers “putting people and planet first”

In an exclusive interview with ITB Berlin News, Abdullah AlZahrani of Red Sea Global talks about the pioneering project which is powered by 100% renewable energy

The Executive Director of Brand Development and Marketing said the developer was at ITB Berlin 2023 to showcase its two new holiday destinations including The Red Sea, on the west coast of Saudi Arabia, and Amaala, a luxurious place focusing on wellness.

What was Red Sea Global highlighting at ITB Berlin this year?
Our aim is to make sure we are on the global map and that we are offering something new. We want to be leading the way when it comes to sustainability, rather than changing our beautiful landscapes.
The resorts will be 100% operated by renewal energy and we want to make sure we are complimenting the whole ecosystem.
Most people here are looking for a unique experience and destination, and we believe we have it. We understand what the latest travel trends are.
The Red Sea is surrounded by the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef system, spanning over 28,000km2 with an archipelago of more than 90 untouched islands, pristine beaches, dormant volcanos, desert dunes, mountains and historical cultural sites.
Another USP for the destination is that it is right in the middle of three continents: a true crossroads of land and sea with a rich cultural backdrop full of history.

We want to be leading the way when it comes to sustainability, rather than changing our beautiful landscapes.

What were Red Sea Global’s main priorities over the past year?
We have been focusing on construction and development until recently. Now we are moving the focus to the mindset as a destination and trying to make sure we support this ecosystem that we have. 

What markets and audiences are you looking to target?
We are targeting the Middle East and Saudi but Europe will also be very important for us. We are aiming to be an all-year-round destination. That is why we are targeting different markets, to provide for different needs throughout the year.
We are not only an island destination, we have an inland too. Visitors can spend four to five days at the beach and then extend their stay and experience 

What are your predictions for 2023?
This year we will start with the opening of Six Senses, followed by two restaurants. We will be ready to welcome our first guests in 2023 and by 2030, there will be 50 hotels, 8,000 rooms, up to 1,000 residential properties and its own international airport.

Why is it important for you to attend ITB Berlin?
2023 is a big year for us so we need to make sure we are showcasing the projects we have taking place. I believe ITB is a fantastic way to do this and we can capture more of what we are doing in order to share this with people.