February 23, 2023

Explora Journeys announces enriching destinations in northern Europe

The luxury brand has announced its latest destinations for Explora I, the first of up to six luxury ships to join its fleet.

Guests can choose between eight individual voyages as part of its debut Northern European Inaugural Journeys Collection. It offers guests the chance to discover destinations through a different lens with stop offs at lesser-known ports like Leknes in Norway’s Lofoten Islands and Ísafjörður in Iceland.

Norway: Explora I will set sail deep into the Norwegian fjords, crossing the Arctic Circle with an array of nature-focused adventures in Leknes on the Lofoten Islands.

Denmark: Taking city sightseeing to a new level, guests can embark on a kayak tour of Copenhagen while nature takes centre stage in Skagen and the magnificent migrating dune in Grenen.

Iceland: Once-in-a-lifetime adventures can be experienced in Reykjavik with a helicopter flight over volcanic craters, whale watching in Ísafjörður, or swimming in the famous blue lagoon.

Sweden: This stop-off features a dreamy day of remote spa experiences, the finest seaside cuisine, and a mindful forest hike and meditation session in Goteborg.

Netherlands: In Rotterdam, guests can indulge in the cosmopolitan flair of the city and join a unique soul tram ride pairing sight-seeing with unique musical experiences.

United Kingdom: Lush landscapes, a proud royal heritage and unique musical discoveries await.

Greenland: Truly off the beaten path, here guests can enjoy thrilling adventures and the stillness of vast landscapes from port Qaqortoq.

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