March 7, 2023

LGBTQ+ travel is increasingly important factor for tourism strategy, survey shows

The LGBTQ+ market generates between 7% and 10% of all travellers around the world. Taking care of LGBTQ+ travellers therefore remains an important part of any tourism marketing strategy.

According to research carried out by, 60% of LGBTQ+ travellers are more likely to travel to a destination that celebrates its local LGBTQ+ community and history. More than half (56%) are more likely to choose travel that allows them to learn about hidden aspects of the community in their selected destination.

LGBTQ+ travellers also want brands that support and recognise the community, with more than half (55%) saying they are more likely to seek out attractions or activities that are tailored to the LGBTQ+ community. 55% say they research brands and experiences ahead to understand the role they play towards the community. A majority (64%) is more likely to book with brands that are making the effort.

The IGLTA Foundation (International LGBTQ+ Travel Association) also released a report last year called “Going Further: How to Make LGBTQ+ Travel Transformational for Travellers, Communities and the Planet” , which aims to provide recommendations and insights for leaders in the travel industry.

Here are some of the key findings:

  •  2 in 3 LGBTQ+ travellers want to reduce the environmental footprint of their next trip.
  •  LGBTQ+ travellers show a strong desire to support their destination’s local LGBTQ+ community, for example by contributing to LGBTQ+ community projects (69% of respondents) and supporting LGBTQ+ owned businesses (72%).
  • Nearly 75% of respondents said that racial equality had become important or very important to them, underlining the importance for businesses to actively improve their diversity, equality, and inclusion practices.

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