March 1, 2021

A refreshing change: Saxony’s lake landscapes

Few visitors are aware that exciting new holiday regions such as Lusatian Lakeland and Leipzig New Lakes Land have been developed in Saxony. Former open-cut mining areas have been converted into beautiful turquoise-blue lakes.

Lusatian Lakeland
For 150 years, Lusatia was best known for lignite mining. The last three decades brought dramatic changes: excavators gave way to glittering lakes with clear water and marinas. There are very few reminders of the industrial past apart from adventure tours exploring former power stations.

The flat landscape is ideal for cycling, while favourable winds invite enthusiasts to go sailing or surfing on Lakes Geierswalde or Senftenberg. For waterskiing or wake-boarding, Lake Halbendorfer is the place to be, while kite surfers will adore Lake Bärwalder.

Leipzig New Lakes Land
Another recreational area is also available near Leipzig. Since the 1990s, open-cut mines have been been redeveloped into a maze of turquoise-blue lagoons dotted with campsites. In the middle of Lake Störmthal stands Vineta island. It serves as a memorial to the villages that vanished for open-cut mining. It can be reached via an amusing amphibious vehicle.

A few minutes from Leipzig city, the “Leipziger Neuseenland” invites visitors to play beach volleyball, swim or enjoy sun on Saxony’s longest beach. Arriving by canoe via the canal is spectacular and represents a perfect combination of a metropolis and nature experience. Meanwhile, elite canoeists or amateurs looking for an adrenaline rush will enjoy Canoe Park Markleeberg for white-water rafting.

A refreshing change: Saxony's lake landscapes

Saxony is the Official Culture Destination of ITB Berlin NOW 2021. The most important meeting point for immersing in Saxony’s cultural offerings is the digital Culture Café from 9-12/3/21 with interviews, videos, music and presentations.

A refreshing change: Saxony's lake landscapes

Photo: © Andreas Schmidt