March 1, 2021

Saxony spotlights craftsmanship as a key historic attraction 

Saxony’s rich heritage of manufacturing contributes to the region’s exceptional cultural reputation. Whether it be the largest nutcracker, the largest violin or the oldest registered trademark, living crafts are passed down through the generations. Here, we place some of Saxony’s traditional arts under the spotlight.

Founded in 1710, the Meissen porcelain manufactory uses the world’s oldest registered trademark. The key ingredient for the creation of white porcelain is kaolin. For more than 250 years, this fine clay mineral has been mined in Meissen’s own kaolin pits. Once a year the manufactory opens its doors to their archive with the world’s oldest and largest collection of porcelain sculpture and tableware moulds in the world. 

Glashütte has been famous for watchmaking since 1845. Visitors can discover this unique know-how in the German Watch Museum, with its over 400 exhibits, many of them unique in the world.

In a triangle formed by Markneukirchen, Schöneck and Klingenthal, musical instruments of all kinds are handcrafted from wood and sheet metal. They are an intangible cultural heritage due to the diversity and unique concentration of instrument makers. The Markneukirchen Musical Instrument Museum houses rarities such as the largest playable violin or two tiny violins in a matchbox.

In the Ore Mountains, exquisite wooden art has been created for centuries, either in turned or carved form. From a tree trunk, craftsmen shape an animal during the turning process, then cut it off, before it is carved and painted. Seiffen is home to this rare craft.

Moravian Stars from Upper Lusatia shine around the world during Christmas. The trademark of the star with its 160-year history is its 25 points made of paper – now also available in plastic, especially for outdoors.

Saxony spotlights craftsmanship as a key historic attraction 

Saxony is the Official Culture Destination of ITB Berlin NOW 2021. The most important meeting point for immersing in Saxony’s cultural offerings is the digital Culture Café from 9-12/3/21 with interviews, videos, music and presentations.

Saxony spotlights craftsmanship as a key historic attraction