March 1, 2021

Saxony highlights its 7 most breath-taking hiking trails

The Saxon Switzerland National Park, the Upper Lusatian Mountains, the UNESCO listed Ore Mountains and the Vogtland are increasingly attracting hikers not only from Germany, but from around the globe. 

Saxony’s many hiking trails can best be described as a challenge for the body, relaxation for the mind, combined with fabulous panoramas and inspiring encounters along the way.

But seven are certified in Germany as quality hiking trails: Vogtland Panorama Trail, Kammweg Erzgebirge-Vogtland, Elsterperlenweg, Klingenthaler Höhensteig-Rundweg, Talsperrenweg Zeulenroda, Heide-Biber-Tour, Oberlausitzer Bergweg.

Hiking a UNESCO World Heritage Site
The 285-km Kammweg Erzgebirge-Vogtland challenges hikers with its pristine nature within the 800-year old silver heart of the Ore Mountains. Finish with a hike in the UNESCO-listed Ore Mountains Mining Region.

Intangible cultural heritage
The 228-km long Vogtland Panorama Trail offers over 80 remarkable panoramas. The world’s largest brick-made Göltzschtal Bridge is one of its highlights. Around the cities of Markneukirchen, Schöneck and Klingenthal in Vogtland, the centuries-old manufacturing of musical instruments is considered an intangible cultural world heritage.

Germany’s smallest mountain range
The Upper Lusatian Mountain Trail runs through Southeast Saxony. Along the border with Poland and the Czech Republic, hikers reach the summits of former volcanoes such as the Valtenberg or the Kottmar with their picturesque villages.

Painters’ Trails
The Painters’ Trail goes through the romantic and spectacular rock landscapes of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Near Dresden, the “Saxon Switzerland” National Park is renowned for its bizarre rock formations.

Saxony highlights its 7 most breath-taking hiking trails

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Saxony highlights its 7 most breath-taking hiking trails