March 2, 2023

AlUla unveils its 2023 calendar of events

The desert oasis AlUla in Saudi Arabia will present its calendar of events for 2023 at ITB Berlin.

One of Saudi Arabia’s leading destinations, AlUla, has released its calendar of events for 2023. Once again, the desert oasis offers a diverse mix of events from art and history to sporting events and absolute relaxation. There are many new highlights designed to attract travellers from all over the world to the oasis city.

Hence the AlUla Skies Festival will be taking place from 20 April to 4 May 2023. The event will see 200 colourful balloons floating the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hegra, transforming the landscape into a living work of art. There will be a series of events taking place around the balloon float, all revolving around the ancient desert landscape.

But it is worth looking up at AlUla’s sky any other time of the year as well, as a special lighting concept has been developed to prevent light pollution, which means visitors have a clear view of the night sky. The oasis, in the province of Medina, even offers special stargazing tours, where visitors can learn about how sailors and nomads have used the starry sky for orientation throughout history.

Extreme Adventure AlUla, from June 7 to 10, will offer a series of physical challenges and obstacles in the surrounding landscapes, including abseiling, hiking, cycling, dune buggies, rock climbing and many more.

There are many more events taking place during the autumn-winter 2023/2024 season for visitors to look forward to. This includes the Azimuth Music Festival (22-25 September), the AlUla Wellness Festival (26 September- 16 October), the Ancient Kingdoms Festival (17 November-3 December) and the Winter at Tantora Festival (21 December-20 January 2024).

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Photo: © Royal Commission for AlUla

AlUla unveils its 2023 calendar of events
© Royal Commission for AlUla