March 2, 2023

Peru creates ‘unforgettable moments’ at ITB Berlin 2023

Executive President of Promperu, Walter Vizaretta, discusses Peru’s travel and tourism industry in an exclusive interview with ITB Berlin News

Peru has been attending the trade show since 1997 and will use this year’s edition to promote its stunning landscapes, ethnic diversity, exquisite gastronomy and sustainability efforts.

What is your objective for tourism arrivals in 2023?
Peru welcomed 2,009,275 international tourists in 2022. We have high hopes for 2023 with a further increase of 26%. Peru indeed meets all the post-pandemic trends such as active outdoors, meeting locals and authentic experiences.

What are your highlights at ITB Berlin 2023?
Peru is represented at ITB through Promperu and 23 tour operators. We focus on the segments of sustainable nature experiences, adventure and community tourism, and showcase our cultural and gastronomic destinations. Tourists who visit Peru can experience unforgettable moments in stunning destinations along the Pacific coast, the Andes and the Amazon. Almost 17% of our surface is covered by 158 protected areas with incredibly rich species and landscapes. We are also proud of Peru’s 51 indigenous peoples with their own languages and traditions. The importance of sustainability, environmental protection and community-based tourism with many state and private projects help protecting nature, culture and raise our population’s standard of living.

The importance of sustainability, environmental protection and community-based tourism helps protect Peru’s nature, culture and raise the population’s standard of living

Which key segments do you expect to grow in 2023?
Our key segments for 2023 are nature and adventure, culture and gastronomy tourism. We also focus on niche markets such as bird-watching, luxury tourism, cruises or gastronomy. Peru’s diverse landscapes provide also the perfect backdrop for adventures of all kinds. 

For gastronomy, Peru has been awarded the title as the world’s best culinary destination for many years with Lima considered the culinary capital of the Americas.  The potential of Peru as a tourist destination for bird-watching needs to be leveraged. Peru is effectively a true paradise with over 1800 bird species, of which 117 are endemic. In luxury tourism, our famed gastronomy, exclusive lodges and luxurious river cruises in the Amazon can attract high-end travellers.

How does it feel to be back at ITB Berlin in person ?
It is a great opportunity to expose destinations to the global tourism industry. Peru is part of ITB since 1997, allowing us to bring the Peruvian private sector and the international market closer together. We are waiting for you to visit our stand and taste our renowned gastronomy!

Hall 23 / Stand 100

Machu Pichu marches towards carbon neutrality

With the project “Machu Picchu CO2-neutral”, Peru will become a global pioneer in sustainable tourism and set an important example for other destination aiming to make a green new start. Machu Picchu will become one of the first sites to embark on the path of climate neutrality. The first milestone is to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030 and to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. A number of projects will be implemented such as different methods of recycling produced waste, especially in Aguas Calientes, the town at the foot of Machu Picchu. Beside the reduction of plastic waste, the training and awareness campaign of the local population play a key role to position the Inca citadel as a sustainable world-class destination.