Welcome back to NYC: The revival of Chinese group travel to the US

The resurgence of group tours from China to the US indicates notable progress in the tourism industry’s path to recovery. While hopes remain for a complete rebound in air travel, this advancement represents a crucial step towards the market’s full revival.

As NYC Tourism + Conventions gears up for in-person events in China, there’s a tangible wave of enthusiasm and confidence in the sector. The synergy between travel trade experts and event organisers is essential right now. Together, they play a key role in strengthening NYC’s premier status on the market. To highlight the importance of this, New York City hosted over a million Chinese visitors in 2019.

This encouraging change in the travel scene is bringing renewed optimism for all involved parties.

Stand F47

NYC 重新欢迎:中国团队之旅到美国的复兴


随着 NYC 旅游+会议为在中国的面对面活动做准备,该行业中明显地充满了热情和信心。旅行贸易专家和活动组织者之间的协同作用在此刻至关重要。他们共同在加强 NYC 在市场中的首要地位中发挥关键作用。值得一提的是,2019年纽约市接待了超过一百万的中国游客。


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