KabuK’s game-changing expansion: A highlight at ITB China

At ITB China this year, KabuK Style Co., Ltd is showcasing its latest additions to the HafH portfolio, including new hotels in Hong Kong and Macau.

In a significant stride for the travel industry, KabuK announces the inclusion of 55 prestigious properties to its HafH Travel Subscription service, solidifying its presence in Hong Kong and Macau. Notable among these additions are the illustrious “The Peninsula Hong Kong” and the distinguished 5-star “The Hari Hong Kong.”

Hailing from Nagasaki City Prefecture, KabuK has consistently been at the forefront of innovative travel experiences. Under the leadership of CEO Kenji Sunada, the company launched the groundbreaking HafH Travel Subscription service in April 2019. This pioneering model offers subscribers an array of accommodations, sidestepping the traditional booking process.

With the recent integration of 46 hotels in Hong Kong and 9 in Macau, the HafH network now affiliates with a total of 64 hotels in these coveted destinations, emphasising the growing allure of the HafH brand and its commitment to reshaping travel.

This year at ITB China, KabuK is showcasing its forward-thinking vision and services. Attendees visiting their stand will have the chance to interact with the KabuK team and delve into the nuances of the HafH service, gaining insights into its transformative impact on the travel sector.

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KabuK's game-changing expansion: A highlight at ITB China

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