2021, the year for a slow adventure in Serbia

March 9, 2021
“We feel that tourists will generally look this year for nature-linked destinations. As Serbia’s offers infinite possibilities linked to nature, we adopted slow adventure as a theme for 2021,” explains Marija Labovic, CEO of the National Tourism Organisation of Serbia (NTOS).

Serbia indeed offers plenty of space. With an average of 80 people per sq km, the country is the perfect destination for travellers looking for peace, distance, safety and nature. “Slow adventure” will also help Serbia in promoting remote and wild places where tourists learn about the environment, as well as local food, culture, history and traditions.

“We will launch more promotional efforts to bring tourists to our protected natural areas and give them the opportunity to enjoy rural accommodation, taste Serbian food and practice activities like hiking and biking,” stresses Ms Labovic.

Encountering wild animals and pristine nature

Thick forests turn Serbia into a paradise for observing animals. In Western Serbia, visitors to Tara National Park can see bears, while Uvac Nature Reserve is known for Griffon Vulture observation. It is part of 42 Important Bird Areas in Serbia.

In Eastern and Southern Serbia, the NTOS highlights Pirot town and Stara Planina Mountain with its hidden waterfalls and deep forests. In the South, Devil’s Town is not only rock formation, but a source of many folk tales.

2021, the year for a slow adventure in Serbia


PhotoStara Planina: Impressive landscapes in Eastern Serbia