The massive development of Air Corsica international routes for summer 2022 is an opportunity for European tour operators to boost their offerings for Corsica.

Air Corsica is back in force for the 2022 season, opening several new routes to Europe and resuming those that were suspended during the sanitary crisis. In total, Air Corsica will provide 12 international routes to six different countries from 2 April, equivalent to 150,000 additional seats.

With this increased route network, Air Corsica becomes the island’s leading air carrier for international flights. New or reopened routes over the summer include flights from Charleroi-Brussels South to Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi and Figari; from Gothenburg to Bastia; from Salzburg and Vienna to Ajaccio and Calvi; from London Stansted to Ajaccio and Calvi and from Rome and Zurich to Ajaccio.

The expansion comes in addition to Air Corsica’s 12 year-round air routes designated as a public service, as well as 12 other existing routes. The routes are evenly distributed between the north and south of the island, offering an opportunity to anyone living in Corsica or visiting the island to land anywhere.

In addition to the sales for individual travellers, Air Corsica makes part of the capacity of each flight available by contract to Tour Operators in all countries served across Europe. This strategy helps the airline optimise its load factor for all these routes.

Air Corsica offers TOs very flexible arrangements and packages, from block seats to negotiated fares, including of course various allotment or one-off group formulas. All TO fares include a registered baggage and a drink/snack on board.

Air Corsica is also looking to expand its charter operations, currently representing 5% of the company’s activity.


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