The Tourism Ministry of Greece recently announced it has partnered with the Apollo Travel Group to promote sports tourism across the country.

The announcement was made by Greece’s Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias on January 13. 

Apollo Travel Group is one of the leading travel agencies in Norway, and is a member of the DER Touristik family. Vassilis Kikilias met with leading figures from the organisation, including Nina Hornewall, senior vice president and commercial director, and Leif Vase Larsen, CEO of Northern Europe operations, to organise the agreement.

The Apollo Travel Group intends to bring around 500,000 travellers to Greece in 2022. In return, Kikilias has dedicated his support for a new hotel opening on the island of Limnos. There are also talks of a hotel opening on Rhodes. 

The Apollo Travel Group already has activity in the country, taking on operations of a hotel in the village of Syvota last year. The Swedish Olympic team partially trained in the Greek region of Epirus, and it is thought that the team will also train at the new site in Limnos.

This new partnership continues an existing relationship between DER Touristik and Greece. The company agreed to promote Greece as a destination during the autumn and winter of 2022, as well as adding more destinations to its programs. 

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