The Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has signed a memorandum of understanding with Kerala to implement elements of the latter’s sustainable tourism model.

Under the joint declaration, Kerala will extend a series of services under a 16-point programme. The MoUs were exchanged by Madhya Pradesh’s tourism minister Usha Thakur and her Kerala counterpart Kadakampally Surendran.

As a part of this project, Kerala will help Madhya Pradesh chart its responsible tourism masterplan, prepare human resources to implement the project, conduct training projects, list the criteria for the formation of district tourism promotion councils. Furthermore, assistance will be given in locating sustainable tourism projects, formulating social and economic security measures, helping in gradation of hotels, resorts, and home-stays, and forming tourism clubs and restrooms along the lines of Kerala’s responsible tourism offer.

In January, a 13-member team from Bhopal, led by Minister Thakur, toured different parts of Kerala to gather first-hand knowledge about responsible tourism in the state.

Minister Surendran said: “Responsible tourism is the only tool for sustainable development of tourism as it creates better places for people to live in and visit. Responsible tourism takes responsibility for the economic well-being of society – it ensures social and cultural stability besides environmental protection.”

Minister Thakur added: “There are several tribes like Bhil, Sahariya, and Gond living in our state, and we want to showcase their traditional values, attire and food habits to the entire country and outside world with Kerala’s assistance. India is a country of villages and its soul lies in the villages. We want to show it to the world.”

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