Sport Tourism Canada has released a report aiming to turn the country back into a popular sports destination.

Sport Tourism Canada, or STC for short, is the authority promoting Canada as a destination for hosting sport events. The organisation’s Covid-19 Task Force has been working on re-imagining an industry that will have sustainable recovery from the Covid-19 crisis.

Entitled “Bouncing Back”, the report looks at ways to stimulate Canada’s bidding and hosting of sport events after the pandemic. The Task Force envisions a nimbler, more flexible industry as knowledge evolves and new risk mitigation measures appear.

As different travel and public health measures apply across the country, the survey underlines the fact that an “adaptive” recovery approach will be required, taking into account individual rules in provinces and municipalities.

The report points to three-phases:

  • Response: From the cancellation of sport events in March 2020 until sport tourism is positioned to start implementing a recovery plan.
  • Recovery: From the start of the return to hosting in modified forms with a focus on mitigating potential risks until widespread immunity exists.
  • Resilience: To be determined once widespread immunity or adaptive measures exist to enable sport event hosting at local, provincial or international level.

Sport Tourism Canada will continue to lobby authorities to secure funding to sustain the industry as well as highlight the importance of sport hosting to Canada’s economic and social recovery.

The Executive Summary of the report is available here.

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