RateGain Technologies and IDeaS have announced a global strategic partnership aiming to deliver real-time AI-powered rate intelligence to more than 100,000 hotels around the globe.

IDeaS provide revenue management software and services, while RateGain is known as being a leading provider of SaaS products that help travel and hospitality companies optimise revenues.

The partnership aims to help the hospitality industry as it tries to tackle demand and price volatility in the new normal. For revenue optimisation, IDeaS are strengthening their existing partnership with RateGain in such a way that RateGain’s real-time pricing data is now integrated with IDeaS applications.

The partnership will help hotels access accurate and real-time data at scale through RateGain’s OPTIMA, powered by AI-driven dataSURE, which ensures up to 99% data sufficiency. OPTIMA also gives hotels access to features such as Cluster Dashboards, Airbnb insights, Geo Source tracking, and LoS restrictions tracking.

“This partnership allows IDeaS’ clients to improve operational efficiency, receive on-the-go updates, and optimise revenue management strategies against their comp set by leveraging real-time market data,” said Joseph Martino, Chief Business Development Officer, IDeaS. “As RateGain and IDeaS continue to solve the day-to-day business challenges hotels encounter, products such as Optima ensure our mutual clients have access to real-time competitive rates, knowledge of market positioning, and an understanding of how the market is behaving in terms of events, Airbnb supply, and competitive promotional plans. This enables hotels to make informed decisions to boost bookings before it’s too late,”

Commenting on the partnership, Chinmai Sharma, President – Americas, RateGain, said, “In the Post-COVID world, Pricing teams need help in getting a real-time view of the market and through this integration, we aim to both reduce the effort and improve their ability to monitor the market. RateGain has clocked up to 99% sufficiency while providing rate shopping data via this new connectivity. We are certain hoteliers would see an immediate benefit from this new partnership.”

Photo: Michael Dziedzic / Unsplash

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