Onyx Hospitality Group introduces new ESG framework for sustainable future

ONYX Hospitality Group, a leading Asian hospitality provider, has unveiled a new Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework aimed at organising and enhancing its sustainability initiatives

This framework not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility but also aligns with the global framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

A significant initiative under this new framework is Onyx Hospitality Group’s exclusive partnership with the Environmental and Social Foundation (ESF) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The collaboration focuses on rolling out environmental education to students in local schools through a mobile interactive exhibition in eight key destinations across Thailand. Over a period of 10 months, the project aims to reach 250 students in each location, covering four essential themes: Climate change, endangered species, waste management, and sustainable food systems.

To mark the launch of this project, a press event will be held at the Foreign Correspondents Club in early May, with a formal launch event scheduled at Amari Watergate Bangkok on June 5, coinciding with World Environment Day.

Yuthachai Charanchitta, CEO of Onyx Hospitality Group, highlighted the importance of this framework, stating: “We understand that our guests are using different criteria for selecting where they stay, alongside comfort and convenience, they are also looking to reduce the impact of their travel footprint.

“This is why we are introducing a framework to help our hotels develop initiatives and best practices in the world of ESG. We recognise the importance of this, in order to meet the needs of our guests, whilst also ensuring future generations are able to enjoy the same travel privileges. Small changes can make a big difference, which is why being ‘sustainably conscious’ is now a core message across all our properties.”

The new framework revolves around four pillars, each corresponding to a letter in the company name:

“O” for Opportunity: This pillar focuses on identifying and supporting underprivileged individuals and organisations, such as orphanages and care homes for the elderly. The goal is to provide necessary support, including meals, monetary donations, scholarships, and in-kind donations.

“N” for Nature: Under this pillar, Onyx Hospitality Group aims to promote environmental awareness and foster a team responsibility for waste management, pollution control, preservation of local flora and fauna, and the protection of endangered species. The company has implemented measures to conserve water and energy, such as regular monitoring of usage and the installation of motion sensors in rooms to reduce unnecessary air conditioning and lighting. In-room measures have also been implemented to minimise water usage. Additionally, Onyx has taken steps to reduce single-use plastic waste by introducing biodegradable bathroom amenities and digitalising guest rooms to minimise the need for printed materials.

“Y” for Youth: This pillar is dedicated to inspiring future generations of hoteliers by providing educational support and hands-on learning experiences. Onyx Hospitality Group aims to hire and develop local talent, partnering with local universities like Chiang Mai Rajabhat University and Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai. Through these partnerships, the company seeks to establish a centre of research for hospitality excellence, fostering innovation in the industry and offering exceptional opportunities to students.

“X” for Collaboration: This pillar emphasises establishing long-term alliances and associations to achieve all other ESG goals. Onyx Hospitality Group actively collaborates with suppliers and corporate clients who share a mutual interest in serving communities and the environment. The company encourages the use of local produce and supports local businesses wherever possible. Recent partnerships include the introduction of Doi Chaang Coffee, a Thailand-based coffee producer, across the group’s properties in Thailand. Furthermore, the group has introduced electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at select properties, starting with Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok, Amari Watergate Bangkok, and Amari Pattaya, with plans to expand to more locations in Thailand.

ONYX Hospitality Group’s new ESG framework demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. By prioritising environmental conservation, supporting local communities, fostering educational initiatives, and promoting collaboration, the company sets a positive example for the hospitality industry. Through these efforts, Onyx strives to create a brighter and more sustainable future for both its guests and the wider community.

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