The Seychelles Department of Tourism has reviewed its Visitor’s Travel Advisory effective Friday, October 2, 2020.

The review follows a proposal of the Tourism Taskforce to provide potential visitors with clearer information regarding the list of countries for which visitors are permitted into Seychelles.

As per the new advisory, all countries allowed to enter Seychelles will be considered permitted countries and have been divided into 2 categories.

Category 1 includes permitted countries from low and medium risk while Category 2 will only consist of countries from the list of seven countries given special status, in the instance that any of these countries progresses to high risk.

Category 2 of permitted countries will be subject to a set of different measures amongst which are COVID PCR test prior to travel should be no more than 48 hours, stay within hotels designated for Category 2 countries and restricted movement for the first 5 days of the stay in Seychelles.

Visitors coming from Category 2 countries will be requested to adhere to all stated procedures in the Visitor’s Travel Advisory and ensure that all requirements are met before arrival, failing which, may result in restriction of entry.

Visitors coming from category 1 countries- deemed as low or medium risks- appearing on the permitted list will not be subject to special conditions imposed for category 2 countries.

Ensuring the safety of visitors and the local population, the Department of Tourism has published a detailed visitor’s travel advisory addressing the conditions for holidaymakers visiting the destination from both category of countries.

A list of authorised accommodations for category 2 permitted countries that is subjected to regular updates by the Tourism Department has also been published for visitors’ information.

To date, 74 tourism establishments have been accredited on that list and work continues in endorsing other tourism establishments, which have expressed interest.
The information can be accessed on the Department of Tourism Website through the following link

Additional measures and procedures set by the Public Health Authority can be viewed under the advisory available on the Tourism Department and Department of Health websites, which will be kept updated

(Photo – top of page – Anse Lazio Praslin – copyright Radosław Botev)

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