Over the past year, many people have become aware of what really counts in life—good health, a respectful use of resources, and quality time with one’s family. The Greek Sani Resort—five luxurious, award-winning hotels spread over more than 400 hectares as well as Sani Marina—combines all these attributes and offers so much more. Distinguished as the World’s Leading Family & Beach Resort and World’s Leading Green Luxury Resort, Sani Resort is the perfect beachfront hideaway for a serene, idyllic family escape in an eco-reserve. 

#OnlyatSaniProtocol – safety is a priority

Located in Halkidki peninsula on a seven kilometre sandy beach with pine-fringed shores, the resort expands over 400 hectares of eco-reserve with over 20 kilometres of forest trails and 100 hectares of wetlands that can be explored on foot or bike. It provides a maximum amount of space and privacy for all guests. Sani Resort is an intimate world of its own, a sanctuary protected from the pandemic. Its natural beauty lends itself to multi-faceted activities and many options for al fresco private dining. Families can therefore safely enjoy their holidays and reconnect with nature while training with outstanding athletes at the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre, the Chelsea Football Academy, or the Bear Grylls Survival Academy. The resort offers an activity for everyone: from biking and sailing to yoga on the beach, water-sports and experiential learning and eco-activities.

After making many sacrifices and enduring restrictions, people are yearning for a carefree getaway. When Sani Resort reopens its doors in May 2021, it will do so with a proven safety protocol that exceeds even the strictest requirements. Absolute hygiene will be ensured thanks to discreet but thorough measures. In addition to cleaning procedures, these measures include regular testing for staff, antigen testing for guests, and contactless procedures wherever possible. The Sani app will serve as the guests’ reliable companion throughout their stay. They can use it to make restaurant reservations, order room service, and schedule activities in the area. The 2020 season showed that these measures really work. Even though more than 10,000 guests holidayed at the resort last year, not a single Covid-19 case occurred. However, medical personnel are on stand-by, just in case. 

Sustainable and enjoyable

The Sani Green programme was launched to ensure that the nature surrounding the resort—one of its most important assets—remains unspoiled. All of those involved in this sustainability initiative are constantly working to improve the resort’s energy efficiency, water conservation, waste minimisation, sustainable procurement of goods, and use of renewable energy. Guests are also encouraged to explore this pristine setting and its flora and fauna to increase their appreciation of nature as a precious resource. Year after year, this award-winning eco-oasis remains within the targets of the independent ISO 14001 certification, the gold standard for environmental quality systems. The resort recycles more than 200 tonnes of glass each year. Single-use plastics have been banned from the resort for quite some time now. The first carbon-neutral resort in 2020 with 100% of its electric power sourced from renewable energy, Sani Resort is committed to further reducing energy use whilst offering world-class operational excellence and engagement with guests and trained staff to maximise everybody’s positive impact. 

It is only logical that the ingredients for the resort’s 24 excellent restaurants are seasonal and locally sourced.  Relying on a farm-to-table approach, Sani Resort caters to a variety of tastes: from traditional Greek cuisine and Michelin star dining with exclusive menus curated by award-winning chefs Mauro Colagreco, David Ibarboure, and Ettore Botrini to special kids’ and baby menus and vegetarian and vegan options and wellness menus for both adults and kids. For many years, the Sani Resort has made a name for itself through its gourmet cuisine. At its annual Sani Gourmet event, award-winning international chefs come together to create mouth-watering culinary delights. During the rest of the year, the Sani Resort serves up an equally astounding amount of gastronomic excitement, earning accolades as a foodie destination in addition to being the world’s leading family resort.

With breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and Mount Olympus, Sani Resort’s private setting and extensive space offers a safe sanctuary for families, boundless space inside and out with world-class experiences for guests, and a one-of-a-kind approach to family holidays in a serene eco-reserve.

With 50 years of experience in the European luxury hotel industry,  Sani Resort has opened a new regional sales office for the German-speaking market in Munich to work even more closely with travel agencies and tour operators, planning new initiatives to further engage and collaborate with trade partners. 


Oliver Braun, Regional Director of Sales & Marketing

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