Organisers of ITB China have announced that it will host a networking event at the end of June in place of the ITB China Special Edition trade event, which was originally scheduled to take place in Beijing from 7-8 May.

The industry gathering will invitation-only for China-based industry professionals to exchange updates and insights on the future of the Chinese travel market.

ITB China Special Edition had been designed at the end of last year as complementary event to ITB China 2021 in November and to serve as an industry-hub for informational and commercial exchange towards an expected gradual recovery of China’s international travel market.

With strict cross-border travel restrictions still being in place in China, the prospects of international travel to and from China are not reliably predictable at this point in time and Chinese travel agencies are, therefore, not yet ready to resume regular business activities with regards to purchasing, packaging and promoting international travel products.

David Axiotis, General Manager of ITB China, said: “Reflecting the current market situation, the trade-focused event – ITB China Special Edition – could not fulfil its intended function and would not meet the standard of business value that ITB China had committed to deliver to its partners and customers.

“However, the industry’s desire to stay in touch in person continues unabated, and that is exactly what we will be doing in the first half of 2021 by providing a pure networking occasion to meet face-to-face.”

The fourth edition of ITB China will take place in Shanghai from 24-26 November 2021, with a hybrid concept that will allow all exhibitors – regardless of their location – to meet with buyers from China.

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