ITB China 2023: Reconnecting the Global Travel Industry with China’s Resurgent Market

The highly anticipated ITB China 2023 travel marketplace is preparing for its grand live event from 12 to 14 September 2023. With an impressive lineup of exhibitors from all travel trade segments, this three-day B2B show aims to reconnect global travel suppliers with the resurgent Chinese market. The event’s international participation and strong demand from industry players indicate a positive outlook for the show. Additionally, organizers have announced that ITB China 2024 will return next year on May 27 to 29, making it another remarkable edition of this annual event.

Exhibitors from Around the Globe Ready to Showcase at ITB China

ITB China 2023 has reached full capacity for exhibition space, signaling overwhelming interest from participants. The event’s slogan, “Crossing Barriers • Connecting Markets,” highlights its pivotal role in reconnecting global travel suppliers with the resurgent Chinese market. David Axiotis, General Manager of Messe Berlin (Shanghai), expresses his excitement, emphasizing the eagerness of Chinese buyers to access international resources and rebuild their product portfolios. The event will feature travel suppliers from various regions, including Europe, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, Oceania, and Africa, underlining the global nature of ITB China and its role in driving the recovery of the Chinese international travel market.

A Diverse Showcase of Global Destinations, Hotels, and Travel Technology

ITB China 2023 will present a wide range of global destinations, including both national and regional tourism organizations. Numerous newcomers will make their debut on the ITB China show floor, such as Beijing, Bursa, Chengdu, Maldives, NEOM, New York, Raktda, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. The exhibition will also feature renowned global hotels and accommodation providers, online travel agencies, transportation and mobility providers, and exhibitors from the travel technology segment. With an extensive selection of attractions, tour operators, and customized travel providers, ITB China promises to be a comprehensive platform for the travel industry.

Exciting Opportunities for Networking and Business Development

ITB China is proud to bring together top and hand-selected Chinese buyers, including founders, C-level executives, directors, and senior managers from leading Chinese travel agencies. The event’s matchmaking system ensures successful meetings and high-value connections, maximizing business opportunities during attendees’ limited time at the exhibition. Coinciding with the travel trade show, the ITB China Conference offers a platform for knowledge exchange with industry experts and top-level speakers, enriching the experience for all participants.

Save the Date for ITB China 2024

ITB China 2024 has been scheduled for May 27 to 29, marking its return to the regular spring time slot. Exhibitor registration for 2024 is now open, catering to the pressing demands of exhibitors. Interested participants can secure their presence for next year’s event or inquire about last-minute freed-up spaces to join ITB China 2023. Open slots will be allocated according to a waiting list, and more information can be found on the event’s official website.

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