Stunning Bike Co-Tours presents revolutionary iPad eBike tours in 19 languages

The innovative bicycle tour experience by Stunning Bike Co-Tours uses geo-located multilingual iPads to help participants get the most of their trip

Stunning Bike Co-Tours has launched a new bike tours service in Como, Italy. The innovative bicycle tour experience uses geo-located multilingual iPads which allow participants to make the most of their experience, with the addition of historical photos of the visited place.

Como is the ideal place to enjoy a bike tour, with its magnificent landscapes. For five years, Stunning Bike Co-Tours has been offering tourists the chance to explore the magnificent city in a whole new perspective. The use of multilingual iPads ensures that participants can follow the tour in their native language, or in any of the 19 languages of their choice.

Founder Andrea Malinverni said: “This is a completely new experience for tourists who want to explore the city of Como by bicycle. Not only do our tours offer magnificent views, but the use of multilingual iPads makes the experience even more immersive. We are very happy we received many positive reviews over the years.”

Tour participants will be able to discover the natural beauty of the city of Como, including the wonderful villas on the lake shores and the picturesque villages. Each tour is led by a certified bike tour leader, who can provide useful information and suggestions on the attractions of the area.

Multilingual iPads are provided to each tour participant and include information on each of the visited points of interest, thanks to GPS, as well as on the history and culture of the city of Como including historical photos, which immerse the tourist even more in the past. In addition, iPads allow participants to follow the route, thus ensuring greater safety.

“The safety of our participants always comes first,” Malinverni added. “The iPads will allow you to follow the tour in real time without getting distracted while driving, with the help of a Bluetooth headset. We have studied the route for a long time to be able to guarantee maximum safety.”

The bike tours last three hours and are accompanied by a local expert. Trips can be booked online on the Stunning Bike Co-Tours –

Prices include the Tour Leader, the bicycle rental, the use of multilingual iPads and some useful accessories for greater comfort and safety.

In summary…

Stunning Bike Co-Tours claims to provide top-ranked “revolutionary” bike tours with the aid of an iPad that speaks 19 languages, for travellers from all around the world.

The technology used is high-end and the tourist can immerse in the history even more with the historic pictures and GPS, in the safest environment, guided by an experienced certified bike tour leader.

The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Como, Italy.

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