June 6 saw the successful celebration of World Heritage Day by the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Germany Association.

It can be seen as a true achievement despite the Covid-19 crisis. On June 6, 40 of the 46 sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list participated actively to the World Heritage Day. The celebration was supported by the German Commission for UNESCO and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Germany Association.

“Once again, on UNESCO World Heritage Day, we made the uniqueness and significance of World Heritage sites in Germany visible to the general public in a variety of creative formats,” said Maria Böhmer, President of the German Commission for UNESCO. “It ranged from contactless multimedia walks through concerts in the historic setting of the Würzburg Residence or guided bicycle tours along the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz among others.”

Claudia Schwarz, Chairperson of the Association of World Heritage Sites in Germany also emphasised that “This year’s theme, ‘Solidarity and Dialogue’, could not have been better chosen under these challenging pandemic conditions. Without cohesion and exchange, the World Heritage sites in Germany would not be so successful.”

The website www.unesco-welterbetag.de presented livestreams of discussions as well as virtual walks to World Heritage sites that still were difficult to access due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

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