Philippines Click a Tree planting project grows from strength to strength

Click A Tree is planting mangrove trees on the Mindanao Island of the Philippines to protect marine wildlife and save the oceans.

For every funded planted tree, the organization removes 1 kg of plastic from the ocean. ITB Berlin’s official show daily is proud to team up with Click A Tree as part of its plans to become carbon neutral by 2024.

Click A Tree planting project in the Philippines is a major initiative to grow mangroves on the Mindanao Island to help saving the turtles while fighting climate change at the same time. ITB Berlin News proudly contributes to this initiative by helping to plant 1,000 trees and removing 1,000 kg of plastic waste from the ocean.

Tree planting in the Philippines

Mangrove Trees Philippines Click A Tree

Readers of ITB News can also contribute by sponsoring a tree for the Philippines. The organization tree planting in The Philippines takes place on Mindanao Island, the second biggest in the country. More precisely at Balete Bay, near Sleeping Dinosaur Island. Like much of the Philippines, the island is naturally green. In years to come, there’s going to be even more greenery and wildlife as a result of tree-planting.

Why choose the Philippines? The Southeast Asian archipelago is one of the most deforested countries in the tropics. Eye-watering amounts of deforestation have taken place, and something has to be done to reverse it.

As a result of deforestation, there are mounting issues with soil erosion, crop quality, landslides, and watershed management. 

Trees are removed to improve beach quality and to build tourism-focused resorts. But trees are also removed because they’re incompatible with the many shrimp farms in operation (harmful chemicals are used in the farm waters). Swamps are drained as well, meaning that mangrove trees are removed to create space for human settlement.

All of this has an impact on human life. But the good news is that Click a Tree can help repair all of it!

Tree planting in the Philippines – with ITB News readers’ help – restores native tree species. Those trees store huge amounts of carbon, provide dependable work, and support all kinds of healthy ecosystems.

Click A Tree employs local people and reward their hard work with a fair salary. They can re-invest their earnings locally and skills are developed within the community for the long term.

Trees to bring back wildlife

Tree Planting in the Philippines Marine Wildlife

Reforestation in the Philippines is hugely important for wildlife as well. There is a rich and diverse marine life. By planting trees for the seas, Click ATree helps protect the future of Filipino marine life by planting mangrove trees. Mangrove trees bring all kinds of benefits, but you might be surprised to discover just how much marine life depends on them.

Mangrove tree roots grow underwater and create a labyrinth of roots and branches. This complex, tangled area creates a safe space for life underwater including many types of fish, crab, shrimp, and other crustaceans.

The water surrounding the roots is rich in nutrients and is safe for new life. Milkfish and prawns, for instance, spend their nursery life here, protected from predators.

Click A Tree planting in the Philippines aims to build a natural forest that has the best chance of survival. To do that, we plant trees that are suited to the wet, green, humid, and coastal area – mangrove trees.

Mangrove tree planting in the Philippines means that the whole ecosystem benefits. They are native to the country, and they support a huge ecosystem all around them.

Discover more about Click a Tree’s planting project in the Philippines:

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