A new report from ResearchAndMarkets.com on the future of the global adventure tourism market anticipates 10.7% compound annual growth by 2030.

In its Adventure Tourism Market Industry Forecast 2020-2030, ResearchAndMarkets.com said the global adventure tourism market was valued at €539.3m in 2019, and by 2030, it is estimated to grow to €1.7bn.

The research underlines that the market will gradually recover as vaccination rates continue to grow and more countries open for global tourism, beginning, according to this report, in 2022. 

In a statement, analysts from ResearchAndMarkets.com state that while adventure tourism is considered the riskiest of all travel, there might be an increase in this type of activity because the pandemic has halted the sense of adventure or exploration one gets from even the least adventurous of holidays.

The report says North America will be the biggest destination for adventure tourism for the next decade because of destinations such as the national parks, which attract global tourists, as well as a popularisation of these and other destinations on social media.

The second highest is the Asia Pacific region, which is expected to grow at the highest compound annual rate of any region, due to initiatives by these destinations to promote adventure travel.

Photo – top of page – Grampian National Park, Australia by Manuel Meurisse

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