The French Polynesian government has announced it will implement lighter entry conditions for travellers from France, the European Union and the United States vaccinated or immunised against COVID-19, from May 1, 2021.

The Islands of Tahiti have largely succeeded in controlling the pandemic. Between January 1 and April 25, the number of positive cases remained relatively static. It reached 18,700 cases as of April 26; 2,000 more than on January 1. There have been no new deaths since March 8.

The High Commission in French Polynesia has in fact implemented a very restrictive health control. Currently, all travellers coming from and going to French Polynesia must apply for entry into the territory at least six days before their departure. Three days before boarding, travellers take an RT-PCR screening test and must register on the Polynesian platform, Electronic Travel Information System (EITS). They must also complete a quarantine request in a dedicated centre or at home.

The results of these procedures must be produced upon boarding. Once in-situ, the traveller is placed in strict quarantine for 10 days. Travellers must also undergo two additional PCR tests on day four and day eight of their stay.

From May 1, travellers will have to undergo an antigen test on arrival in Tahiti and undergo a virological test on the fourth day. Registration on the ETIS platform remains mandatory, however, it can be done up to 30 days before departure. In return, the High Commission issues a boarding permit.

For the moment, only French, European Union and United States nationals benefit from the new relief measures relief. Other nationalities remain subject to the old restrictions.

Photo – Tahiti – copyright Kazuo Ota / Unsplash

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