Australia’s Northern Territory Government has unveiled a ten year “Drive Tourism” strategy to position the Territory as the perfect destination for a road trip.

The Northern Territory boasts a plethora of road trip options to suit both adventurous 4WD enthusiasts and motorists who prefer sealed roads.

“The Northern Territory is home to beautiful wide-open spaces making it one of the best road trip destinations in the world,” said Northern Territory Minister for Tourism and Hospitality Natasha Fyles, adding, “The drive market is vital to the Territory’s visitor economy making up approximately 40% of all visitors to the NT.”

The strategy announcement comes ahead of Round Four of the Territory Tourism Vouchers being released next month on October 4 with incentives in place for Territorians planning to travel more than 400km.

Northern Territory
Northern Territory – Photo Patrick McGregor / Unsplash

The 2021-2030 Drive Tourism Strategy identifies key product and marketing opportunities to develop the Territory as a drive destination with four key focus areas:

  • Attract new growth markets to increase visitor numbers
  • Improve the current visitor experience to increase length of stay
  • Increase regional dispersal to improve outcomes for regional areas
  • Enhance brand reputation by attracting key visitor markets.

The Drive Tourism Strategy focuses on enabling drive tourism and regional dispersal while the development of experiences, icons and destinations will be achieved through regional Destination Management Plans.

Consultation with industry and government has guided the development of the strategy to ensure tourism benefits and opportunities are considered.

This includes delivery of new road infrastructure, camping and recreational vehicle grounds and marketing efforts with South Australian, Western Australian and Queensland Governments on key drive routes.

The Territory Government has also worked with Land Councils and Traditional Owners to consider tourism opportunities along key routes.

To learn more about the Drive Tourism Strategy visit:

Photo – top of page – Uluru, NT (Photo Finn / Unsplash)

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