Medical, wellness and rehabilitation health travel are now pegged to be pillars of Cyprus’s National Tourism Strategy 2017-2030. The country’s government has underlined that health medical and wellness tourism will be part of its efforts to diversify its traditional “sun and sand” offer into an all-year round destination. It could generate billions of euros in foreign direct investment.

Cyprus’s national investments agency “Invest Cyprus” is in charge of looking for investment opportunities in key sectors. The agency identified a potential for the development of rehabilitation centres, wellness centres and resorts.

Cyprus already attracts interest as a wellness destination with several spa resorts and rural retreats.  It has been less successful in being recognised as a medical tourism destination.

The latest project from Invest Cyprus aims to make Cyprus a European destination for patients recovering from surgery and illness.  Stating that there is a need for rehabilitation services to be developed to help the new national health system, the government is working on new legal framework that will promote investment in this area.

Foreign companies and investors have shown interest in the ideas but are, as yet, not prepared to commit until the government actually publishes a legal framework.

Since May, Cyprus has been welcoming vaccinated travellers, scrapping quarantine and test requirements for them.

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