For the sixth time, a Mexican city has been named American Capital of Culture. Zacatecas, a UNESCO world heritage site, carries the title for 2021.

The announcement was made by the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals, with the choice justified by Bureau President, Xavier Tudela. The decision was for “Three different yet complementary reasons: for the quality of the candidacy project, the institutional consensus surrounding the candidacy, and for the wish to make the Cultural Capital a project of cohesion and social inclusion, and of economic development.”

The State of Zacatecas is already well known in the Latin American world for its well preserved history and cultural heritage. Zacatecas City is already listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and is considered one of Mexico’s most romantic cities with its narrow streets bordered by classical mansions, traditional squares, a baroque cathedral, monumental fountains as well as one of Mexico’s most beautiful covered markets.

Zacatecas’ culture is lively, with many festivals. The most important ones are the Zacatecas Cultural Festival (during Easter); the International Festival of Folklore (July); the traditional Morismas de Bracho (August) and the International Street Theatre Festival (October).

Photo – Top of Page – Zacatecas, Mexico – by Jorge Gardner / Unsplash

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