Patagonia is promoting its gastronomic attractions in five circuits.

Patagonia is a land of great culinary diversity and has now turned this into a tourism asset. From the sea comes seaweed, black hake and spider crabs; from the rivers, fish such as trout; from the forests, game meats, while lamb is a highlight of the Patagonian steppe accompanied by smoked cheese, fish and vegetables. They are all the basis of Patagonia’s gastronomy tours.

Seaweed is a recent trend in Patagonia. It is found in Bahia Bustamante along its white sand beaches. Seaweed is processed here to become a raw material for nutrition and biomedicine.

The Tierra del Fuego spider crab is one of the largest crustaceans in the world. It is caught mainly on the coast of Ushuaia. Puerto Almanza is the starting point for excursions for fishing and cooking the tasty morsel.

The production of vinegars is another culinary proposal that raises increasing interest. Sweet and sour jellies, nectars, rosehip, wild berry, smoked garlic or chilli vinegars. The possibilities are endless.

One of the most coveted dishes is the Patagonia lamb, usually cooked in a marinade. However, lamb can also be baked, skewered and stewed. It’s a highlight of any gastronomy tour!

The region also offers interesting and authentic wine tourism packages, including accommodation and spa in the middle of the vineyards, grape crushing activities and creation of personalised wines… or tasting courses.

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