Cuba reopened to tourists in November following the Covid-19 pandemic. Authorities have since confirmed that the Omicron variant of the virus will create new restrictions for international travellers.

Officially opening the tourist season, the country’s minister for tourism, Juan Carlos García, highlighted that Cuba is committed to developing responsible tourism, where the health and safety of all visitors and Cubans is prioritised. 

The minister also added that the period of closure had been used to upgrade tourism facilities. A ‘Safer and More Hygienic Tourism Programme’ developed by Cuba’s Tourism and Health Ministries sets out 205 criteria of which 40 are critical to allow facilities to be certified for visitor use.

Garcia explained that significant improvements in technology and connectivity have been carried out. More hotels and companies in Cuba now offer wi-fi services enabling payment through QR codes, online booking for accommodation, and the possibility of reserving other tourist related services on-line. García also noted that tourism related fleets of vehicles had been updated and prepaid cards in freely convertible currencies were now available for travellers’ use within the country.

Commenting on the fast spreading Omicron variant, authorities reassured travellers that Cuba’s borders will remain open and that it does not foresee any changes to its entry requirements. Cuba has of the highest vaccination rates in the world. On December24, the country had an official rate of 84% fully vaccinated.

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