Brazil’s new Minister of Tourism, Daniela Carneiro, took office on January 2, bringing a new style to Brazil’s tourism sector.

In her first speech at the Ministry headquarters, Carneiro revealed that she wants to defend the strengthening of the tourism sector in Brazil to generate more income and jobs, based on a better cooperation with political leaders, government institutions, the tourism trade and the society.

New campaign in Europe

Carneiro also made a point of highlighting the importance of the partnership between the Ministry and Embratur. “We will show the world all our joy, plurality, ethnic and cultural diversity, the fact that we are a happy and lively country,” she said. “For this, we will strengthen our work together with Embratur, to strengthen our image in international markets.”

With the slogan – “Brazil. It is more, so much more than you imagine” – Embratur’s new campaign, which was launched to European markets last October, aims to do just that. It invites Spanish, Portuguese, English and German travellers to get to know the rich culture, over 7,000 km of beaches, six incredible biomes, the country’s unique gastronomy and its welcoming, multicultural people.

Embratur new campaign in Europe (Photo: Screenshot Embratur)

The campaign is running as ads across television, social media networks, on specialist tourism websites, foreign media and airlines.

Embratur was present at Carneiro’s inauguration ceremony with the advertising, publicity and digital marketing manager, Karisa Nogueira as well as with Federal Deputy Marcelo Freixo.

Marcelo Freixo, new Embratur president

In a speech, the future Embratur president, Marcelo Freixo, pointed out the possibilities for the sector. “It is good to have a woman at the head of such an important and decisive portfolio,” he said. “We need to generate employment and income and we strongly believe that tourism offers much more than other sectors. Tourism is interdisciplinary, it will go through several ministries.”

During the ceremony, Daniela Carneiro reflected on the fact that her inauguration occurred exactly 20 years after the creation of the Ministry of Tourism, in 2003, and reinforced that she will focus her management on collective efforts with the tourism industry. She said: “We need unity, and this will only be possible with active listening and partnerships with managers, academics, workers and local and international communities.”

According to the first estimated data from the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur, last year Brazil welcomed 3.5 million foreign tourists. This represents 55% of the total number of foreign arrivals in 2019, which hit 6.3 million.

Carneiro has little experience in regard to tourism as her career was mostly done in the education and social field. The new tourism minister has a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy with a focus on early childhood education and in psychomotricity. She started in 2003 at the Municipal Secretariat of Education and then at the Municipal Secretariat of Social Assistance and Citizenship of Rio de Janeiro. She then became a Congresswoman in 2018 for the State of Rio de Janeiro.

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