March 17, 2021

Videntis a reference for dental tourism in Zagreb

Croatia has become an increasingly popular  destination for dental tourism, and Videntis in Zagreb is one of the actors contributing to this positive reputation.

Dental Center Videntis is a modern dental clinic located in the heart of Zagreb. It offers a wide array of dental services with the best quality of dental care from a multilingual team working in German, English, French, Italian, Slovenian and Croatian. Dental services include orthodontics, dental surgery, as well as aesthetic treatments. 

Videntis dental clinic has extensive experience with bio-compatible ceramic implants, and receives many patients from abroad looking for dental implants at an affordable price.

Patients seeking a more holistic approach in medicine – including dentistry – can find solutions which use the least reactive and the least toxic materials.

For its international visitors visiting Zagreb, Videntis’ services include:

  • A personalised approach to each patient;
  • Highest standards, highest quality materials, maximum security and hygiene;
  • anaesthesia, conscious sedation but also dental hypnosis to help patients who are dealing with fear;
  • A nanny is at the disposal of all patients with kids;
  • Videntis is operational 365 days a year. Even on weekends and holidays, there will always be medical personal on stand-by;
  • Videntis is GCR accredited;
  • The clinic can organise accommodation in Zagreb as well as transportation to the clinic.

Videntis a reference for dental tourism in Zagreb

Photo: Videntis final talk before implantation