March 17, 2021

Jump-Start to the fast lane – with ISO Travel Solutions at ITB Berlin NOW 2021

ISO Travel Solutions offers insights and IT solutions that keep start-ups or well-established companies on track. 

ISO Travel Solutions was back at ITB Berlin NOW to present its specialised software solutions. The company offers tailor-made products for tour operators, destination and travel agencies, hotels and other service providers as well as airlines.

ISO Travel Tailor automates the travel booking workflow and checks all booked services on criteria of feasibility, reasonableness and consistency. The ISO Travel Tailor uses AI functions and is customised to individual needs. Users can push up-sell and cross-sell and make sure that selected services fit together.

The certified, flexible, modular reservation system/Order Management System is based on new IATA standards NDC and ONE Order. Whether for connecting to search engines or OTAs via NDC, or for mapping different transport services, the tool helps in saving distribution costs.

ISOs flexible Internet Booking Engine (IBE) can also be integrated into any website or ecosystem. The framework is adapted to customer behaviour, providing booking and service workflow. The IBE can also be adapted to a company’s brand and identity.

Other standard solutions are also available such as the “Pacific” TO solution and “Emerald” CRM. Latest modules and features are on show at the Brand Card.Jump-Start to the fast lane – with ISO Travel Solutions at ITB Berlin NOW 2021