March 2, 2023

Try l’Entrecôte, a typical French restaurant in the heart of Berlin…


“C’est bon”. Don’t be surprised to hear some French expressions at Entrecôte, a restaurant and brasserie in the heart of Berlin that captures the essence of Paris. Many guests – including numerous French visitors – say that there is definitely a Parisian touch at Entrecôte. 

L’esprit brasserie, this attitude to life that characterises so much the French capital and of which so many poets, literary figures and artists have raved, is alive here. As their owners promise : we bring the spirit without ever copying it.

Look at the menu and plunge into the savours and delights of a wide range of typical French cuisine. As a starter, choose between Escargots (snails), Foie Gras or huitres Fines de Claires (oysters). Follow with an onion soup with grated cheese, the famed beef entrecôte or the angus tenderloin, half a lobster or a salmon steak, a sole “Miller‘s Style”, the Coq au Vin (chicken stewed in red wine), a Duck confit or scallops in a creamy sauce. These are the kind of typical dishes that can only be found in brasseries. 

At the same time, the Entrecôte restaurant has preserved its originality and refrained from copying a Paris interior in any way. There is neither fake art deco nor a touch of plushy “over-the-top” style here. This is truly Berlin with a modern, elegant but very cosy interior. 

This does not detract from the attitude to life. On the contrary: it makes the entrecôte seem so real. L’Entrecôte cultivates l’esprit brasserie of Paris in the heart of Berlin. The best of both world cities…

Schützenstraße 5, 10117 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 20165496