March 8, 2023

What makes South Africa stand out all year round


South Africa hits all the right notes for European travellers looking for their next adventure. Whether the reason for travelling is escaping the day to day, discovering new places, finding inspiration, spending quality time with friends or family, or simply having a good time, South Africa has all bases covered.

Getting there…
Most flights from Europe to South Africa leave overnight. After enjoying 10-12 hours of sleep and being awakened by the South African sun, travellers can start their holiday straight away, because there is no or very little time difference, except for one hour during European winter time!

A change of season
When the sky turns grey and temperatures drop in Europe, summer is just around the corner for South Africa with months of solid sunshine. Even during the winter months, between May and September, it is not frosty with temperatures still reaching 25° Celsius across many provinces. This is the perfect time to take advantage of attractive off-season offers and the best conditions for seeing wildlife.

A wide range of activities
Visitors can enjoy bustling cities with urban hipster culture or endless sandy beaches, dramatic mountain ranges and natural landscapes populated with wildlife, all destined to create special moments which will remain in their minds long after the holiday is over.

Great value for money
Taking a holiday despite high levels of inflation is possible in South Africa thanks to its very good price-performance ratio. Especially in light of rising costs in Europe, prices are comparably affordable. This includes high-quality accommodation, as well as gourmet food in first-class restaurants. Travellers to South Africa can indulge in a little luxury and still have enough left over to go shopping and embark on adventures.

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What makes South Africa stand out all year round