March 9, 2021

Slow down and discover the unexpected in Lithuania

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Where uncrowded villages and pristine nature abound, Lithuania is a perfect choice for post-pandemic holidays 

In a time when circumstances have deprived most travellers of real, natural experiences, Lithuania has a formula that will appeal to the post-pandemic tourist. In this Baltic country, cities and nature live in peaceful co-existence; never far from each other. Lithuanian metropolises and smaller resort towns are surrounded by pristine nature. The nation’s forests are particularly healing, providing serene spaces to rest and clear one’s head.

When it comes to tourism, Lithuania is a country of hidden potential, that may well be the future go-to destination for visitors looking for privacy, safety, and “slow travel” options. This is particularly apparent in the nation’s wide range of active recreational activities, with its hiking trails, cycling routes, camping adventures and relaxing nature therapies. Relatively short distances make it easy to incorporate different types of touristic experiences in a travel package or personal itinerary.

Lithuanians have built a wide range of educational trails in the country highlighting its spectacular landscape features, from swamps to cliffs, lagoons, and rivers. Situated near many tourist attractions, hiking trails are a great way to boost mental as well as physical health – explaining the popularity these activities have already achieved among locals. As a cycling destination, Lithuania is appealing to many for its intriguing routes, winding across the entire country. For a charming afternoon ride or for a cross-country expedition, versatility and sights suit the needs of any type of active traveller.

Remote, off-the-beaten-track attractions in Lithuania allow travellers to fully reconnect with nature. They are not only perfect for social distancing, but extraordinary as well. Pagan heritage, herbs and berry picking, dragonfly catching, visiting mysterious craters and deer-watching are just a part of it. Many activities also have therapeutic qualities, such as a melodious soothing bed of bees or an amber sauna, one of its kind in the whole world.

Tourism professionals will have the opportunity to connect with Lithuania Travel at the ITB NOW conference and get informed about Lithuania’s tourism potential. Lithuania Travel is the national development agency responsible for tourism marketing and promotion under Lithuania’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation. The agency closely collaborates with tourism businesses and organisations, presents Lithuanian tourism products, services and experiences on social and digital media, press trips, and participation in international travel exhibitions and B2B events.

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Photo : © Andrius Aleksandravičius

Slow down and discover the unexpected in Lithuania