March 7, 2023

Indonesia focuses on quality over quantity with innovative tourism packages

The archipelago is highlighting five super-priority tourism destinations for international visitors including Lake Toba, Borobudur and Likupang beach.

Indonesia’s minister of tourism and creative economy, H.E. Sandiaga Uno speaks to ITB Berlin News about new and exciting plans for the destination in an exclusive interview.

How has Indonesia’s travel and tourism industry performed in 2022?
As the world’s health situation is getting better, Indonesia’s travel and tourism sector also bounces back. In 2022, the number of international visitors reached 5.5 million, a 251.28% increase compared with the total number of tourists travelling to Indonesia in 2021.

You are looking to increase tourist revenue and privilege ‘quality over quantity’. How are you planning to achieve this? 
We will continue to push tourism and creative economy players to create more innovative tourism packages, and add direct flights to increase international tourist travel to Indonesia. We are also introducing and promoting five super-priority tourism destinations to international tourists including Lake Toba and Likupang in Sumatra, Mandalika and Labuanin Bajo in Nusa Tenggara, and Borobudur in Java. They all rely on natural resources that has to be well taken care of by practicing sustainable tourism, which means quality over quantity. 
Indonesia continues its international presence this year by holding ASEAN Chairmanship 2023. Furthermore, it is actively hosting global events such as Superbike World Championship 2023 in March and MotoGP 2023 in November, Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship in February in Lake Toba, Bali Spirit Festival in May, and Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival in June.

What are your objectives for this year and beyond?
The government has set targets for the tourism and creative economy sector in 2023, which is 3.4 million to 7.4 million international visitors or USD 2.07 to USD 5.95 billion tourism foreign exchange value.

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