March 7, 2023

Argentina grows nature tourism segment with new Natural Route

Camping under the stars and walking along glaciers are just some of the activities on Argentina’s new Natural Route programme, which was showcased during a presentation at the destination’s ITB stand yesterday. 

The Natural Route (La Ruta Natural) was launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the National Institute of Tourism Promotion as Argentina’s first “all-round” programme aimed at the development and promotion of nature tourism. Making Argentina a “world-class” destination is one of the programme’s objectives, along with promoting nature tourism activities and initiatives to local and international travellers.

In total, there are 17 routes in the Natural Route programme. Among the top selection of activities is camping under the stars and walking along the country’s towering glaciers. Other excursions include a tour of Puna de Atacama plateau, which takes travellers into volcanic territory, as well as adventure tourism activities in Patagonia. Hiking in the otherworldly Yungas region is another highlight that should draw in adventurous holidaymakers from around the world. 

The diverse regions of Cataratas del Iguazú, El Cerro de los Siete Colores and Los Esteros del Iberá in Corrientes are all featured in the Natural Route, each with a distinct landscape, ecosystem and population. In keeping with this spirit, one of the Natural Route’s aims is to connect these natural spots to their cultural heritage, spotlighting both world-renowned regions as well as emerging ones too.  

“Argentina is a vast country filled with nature. Each route of nature is a different region with special destinations, experiences and adventures to discover,” say directors of the Natural Route. “You choose where to start.” 

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Photo: Lago Santa Cruz – Patagonia Austral

Argentina grows nature tourism segment with new Natural Route
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