March 11, 2021

Algeria promotes four seasons of tourism… in one day

The oft undiscovered desert regions of Algeria are under the spotlight at ITB Berlin NOW

With the aim of further promoting the destination Algeria, a strategy has been put in place to optimise inbound tourism in the post-Covid era. Faced with the dramatic financial consequences of the pandemic, an operational steering committee for the resumption of activities has been created, bringing together all the players in the tourism chain.
Algeria promotes four seasons of tourism… in one day

Algeria’s strategy for reviving tourism is based on the following main areas:

  • To further support the investment and support project owners with the aim of qualitatively and quantitatively strengthening the reception capacities of the destination Algeria;
  • Improving the quality of the tourism offering, thanks in particular to the modernisation of the training apparatus and the professionalisation of the activity;
  • The development of a professional marketing strategy to improve the visibility of the destination Algeria through the generalisation of the use of digital media and the digitalisation of promotional vectors;
  • Accompanying operators to conquer international markets;
  • Involving more players in the tourism chain in the process of making the destination a tourist destination as part of a participatory approach.
  • Organising virtual meetings for the exchange of experiences with different partner countries.

The end of the pandemic and the resumption of international tourism will allow local tourism authorities to better relaunch destination Algeria with circuits in Tassili and Hoggar, which are flagship products.

“The post-pandemic tourist will certainly look for outdoor destinations with wide spaces to avoid the rush of tourists,” says Saliha Nacer Bey – General Manager, National Tourism Board of Algeria. “Algeria, with its Saharan destinations, has the right product for stays of discovery and escape in the wide-open spaces of our majestic desert.”

Ms Nacer Bey says her nation’s participation in ITB Berlin NOW this year is an opportunity to highlight the different advantages of the destination. “In addition to this virtual exhibition, we are in the process of directing our communication strategy towards new technologies and social networks in order to better place our tourism product on international markets,” she adds.

The Algerian south is considered an invaluable tourist wealth. Adventure tourism in Saharan areas is the spearhead of receptive tourism. “The aim of the DMO is to turn the Sahara into the greatest international attraction of discovery tourism, but only on the condition of putting in place the necessary mechanisms to preserve any form of alteration or degradation following uncontrolled tourism, says Ms Nacer Bey.


Algeria is a country where you can find all four seasons in one day: skiing on the slopes of the djurdura mountains in Tikjda in the morning and skiing on the fine sand dunes of Taghit in the evening, swimming on the majestic blue coast of Tipaza while visiting the Roman ruins in the morning and watching the sunset from Assekrem over the high mountains of Hoggar.

Algeria’s advantage is to have remained in a pristine state with hundreds of natural resorts that are just waiting to be visited, like the resort of Ain Ouarka in Naâma, Zelfana in Ghardaïa, the traditional resorts of the wilaya of Djelfa and others.Algeria promotes four seasons of tourism… in one day