Oceanwide Expeditions unveils its latest adventure voyages

At ITB China this year polar exploration pioneer Oceanwide Expeditions is presenting a collection of voyages that immerse adventurous and curious travellers in polar terrains.

Among Oceanwide Expeditions’ unique voyages are long hikes through Greenland and Svalbard that allow travellers to delve into the Arctic backcountry with 15 km (9 mile) treks amidst Earth’s least-touched wilderness and immerse themselves in semi-rough terrain where they can encounter iconic Arctic wildlife from a safe distance.

Oceanwide Expeditions is also providing adventure travellers with the opportunity to get front-row seats at a solar eclipse with its Svalbard and Greenland solar eclipse voyage where travellers can witness a mesmerising eclipse amidst Arctic splendour while encountering diverse Arctic wildlife, including musk oxen and polar bears.

Another unique experience from Oceanwide Expeditions is its expedition through the Weddell Sea, tracing the epic journey of the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton. Travellers will glimpse wildlife and towering tabular icebergs while following a structured educational programme aboard the Oceanwide Expeditions vessel.

Other unique adventures from Oceanwide include the Wilkins Iceshelf – Aurora Australis journey into the heart of the Antarctic wilderness to witness the rare aurora australis with renowned astronomers, and the Weddell Sea Explorer Basecamp voyage, which combines activies like kayaking and hiking and encounters with polar wildlife in their natural habitat.

Oceanwide Expeditions has been focusing on expedition-style voyages, immersing passengers in polar terrain, wildlife, and activities, since 1993. Oceanwide Expeditions operates its very own proprietary vessels to ensure the highest safety standards.

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