ITB China 2024: The place for international business

Good morning everyone and welcome to the last day at ITB China 2024!

We’ve had two days full of meetings, networking, and conferences, but now is no time to lose steam as there is another day of opportunities ahead. Is there a destination you’d like to learn more about? A buyer you’ve been looking to meet? Now is your chance! ITB China is the ideal place to do business in the travel industry with so many major players in one place. I encourage you all to make the most of this event and wish you the very best in all of your business endeavours!

There is also another full day of in-depth and insightful conferences and panels ahead that you won’t want to miss. The Presentation Hub will hold sessions from the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) today, with Stefan Wolf, Head of Commercial – Asia of TUI BLUE Hotels & Resorts kicking off the festivities with a brief intro. For a look at how the hospitality industry is undergoing a marketing transformation sparked by social media innovation in the digital age, stop by at 10:10a.m. for “Social Media Innovation in the Hospitality Industry: The Rise and Challenges of Matrix Marketing”, by Edison Wang, CMO, KAWO.

ITB is here to accompany the tourism industry all year long, all around the world. As we wrap up this incredible edition of ITB China, we can look forward to ITB India in Mumbai in September and ITB Asia in Singapore in October. All ITB shows aim to connect the tourism industry so we can all work together to build the bright and sustainable future of our business.

I hope to see you out on the show floor today. Enjoy!

ITB China 2024: The place for international business

早上好,欢迎来到2024 ITB China最后一天的展会现场!

过去两天我们举办了丰富的会议、交流和论坛活动,但现在还不是放松的时候,因为今天还有更多机会在等待着您。是否有某个目的地您希望了解更多信息?有某个买家您一直期待会面?现在正是交流的时机!ITB China汇集了众多重要的行业参与者,是全球旅游业商务交流的理想场所。希望您能充分利用这场盛会,并祝愿大家在所有的商务交流活动中取得圆满成功!

今天还有全天的行业会议和深度讨论等待着大家,演讲中心由国际酒店销售与营销协会(HSMAI)主办,TUI BLUE Hotels & Resorts亚太区商务负责人Stefan Wolf将为我们揭开序幕。如果您希望了解社交媒体创新如何在数字时代为酒店行业推动营销变革,请在上午10:10参加由科握首席营销官王涛带来的“酒店业的社交媒体革新:矩阵化营销的兴起与挑战”主题演讲。

ITB不仅仅是一场展会,更是全年全球旅游业合作的国际盛会。在本届精彩纷呈的ITB China结束之际,我们期待9月在孟买的ITB India和10月在新加坡的ITB Asia上再度相会。ITB展会旨在连接汇聚旅游全行业,让我们携手合作,共同构建旅游业光明而可持续的未来。


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