ITB China 2024: A market full of opportunities

Good morning and welcome to ITB China 2024! Following the remarkable growth in China’s outbound tourism in the first half of this year, ITB China is offering the entire tourism industry the chance to take advantage of all of the opportunities this market has to offer. Whether you are a supplier who wants to nurture existing relationships or cultivate new partnerships, or a buyer looking for new opportunities, you will find what you’re looking for here.

There are so many captivating stands on the show floor that I encourage you all to get out there and see as much as you can, but you definitely won’t want to miss ITB China’s Official Partner Destination this year, the Maldives. Their stand is offering authentic Maldivian cuisine and cultural demonstrations among other experiences, and with over 40 co-exhibitors, offers of natural beauty, pristine beaches and lavish luxury will be fully on display. For more information on this exceptional destination, read our interview with Ms Fathmath Thaufeeq, CEO & Managing Director of MMPRC/Visit Maldives, on page 14.

ITB China’s Hosted Buyer Program helps facilitate B2B prescheduled meetings between exhibitors and high-quality buyers and this year, we are also introducing the inaugural Inbound Buyer Program in response to the strong overseas market demand for Chinese products. International buyers from leading source markets such as the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Korea are participating.

The ITB China Conference will provide sessions full of valuable industry insights across the sectors of China Outbound Travel, MICE, Business Travel, Travel Technology, and new this year, China Inbound Travel. We are especially excited about this new addition which will address recent visa policy changes and their impact on inbound travel recovery. Mr Aaron Goldring, Senior Economist of Tourism Economics, will open this topic with a keynote today on “Opportunities for Chinese Inbound Growth to Keep Pace with Outbound and Domestic”.

I encourage you all to enjoy this first day and make the most of all the opportunities waiting for you!

2024 ITB China :充满机遇的市场

早上好,欢迎来到2024 ITB China !在今年上半年中国出境旅游显著增长的背景下,ITB China为整个旅游行业提供了充分利用这一市场机遇的良机。无论您是希望培养现有商业关系、开拓新伙伴关系的供应商,或者是寻找新机会的买家,都能在这里找到所需资源。

展会现场有许多颇为吸睛的展位,希望大家尽可能多地参观访问,尤其不要错过今年ITB China的官方目的地合作伙伴——马尔代夫。该展台不仅提供地道的马尔代夫美食和文化展示体验,还汇集了超过40多家联合参展商,将为您呈现自然美景、纯净海滩和奢华享受。了解更多这个独特目的地的信息,请阅读我们对马尔代夫市场营销与公关公司(MMPRC)总裁兼首席执行官Fathmath Thaufeeq女士的采访(见第14页)。

ITB China的“特邀买家计划”旨在促成参展商与高质量买家之间的B2B交流会议。今年,我们还首次推出了“入境游买家计划”,以应对海外市场对中国旅游产品的强劲需求。来自美国、英国、德国、法国、意大利、澳大利亚、日本、韩国和东南亚等主要来源市场的国际买家将踊跃参与其中。

ITB China论坛会议将提供涵盖中国出境旅游、会奖旅游(MICE)、商务旅行、旅游技术以及今年新增的中国入境旅游等领域的宝贵行业见解。我们对今年的新增主题非常兴奋,将探讨近期签证政策变化及其对入境旅游恢复的影响。旅游经济(Tourism Economics)的资深研究员Aaron Goldring先生将于今天发表题为“机遇:中国入境游增长如何与出境游和国内旅游保持同步”的主题演讲,开启这一话题的讨论。


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