Pakistan’s Urdam Tours: a positive outlook for the future 

March 12, 2021

4Pakistan's Urdam Tours: a positive outlook for the future 



Muhammad Asghar Shaheen is Founder, Director & CEO of Urdam Tours & Travel (Pvt) Ltd, in Lahore, Pakistan. We asked him what he is hoping to achieve at this year’s ITB Berlin NOW.

I want to learn how the industry is evolving, and what will be done to help in its recovery. Moreover, I intend to have virtual meetings with various exhibitors, associations, technology providers and tourist bureaus for possible future business cooperation after the end of the Covid-19 situation.

What is your outlook for the coming year?
For me, the outlook for the tourism sector will remain uncertain because the Covid-19 pandemic continues to hit hard. Domestic tourism is nevertheless helping to some extent, and governments have taken impressive immediate actions to restore and re-activate the sector, while protecting jobs and businesses. Despite this, I still remain positive and determined that there will be a speedy recovery of the trade.

What would you say is the most important lesson that has been learnt (or should be learnt) from the Covid-19 crisis?
The epidemic is not just a big test for our industry, but also for the whole world. However, I believe that the economy will recover because this is not a regular economic recession, but an epidemic situation. Therefore, I think the recovery should be very fast – and I am still optimistic. On the other hand, I think it will take some time, so one will need to have alternative resources to survive.

What are your thoughts about the way ITB has organised this event?
In the current scenario, Virtual and Hybrid events are the perfect one to keep events moving on and I appreciate the efforts being made by ITB in this respect.


Photo: Muhammad Asghar Shaheen, CEO, Urdam Tours