Abu Dhabi, to be explored in all safety

March 10, 2021
Abu Dhabi is ready to welcome tourists again. “Although 2020 was a challenging year, we have a strong long-term projection for 23 million travellers in 2030 compared to 11.35 million in 2019,” said Husain Ali AlHashmi, Europe & America Regional Manager, Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, at a press conference on Tuesday. From this total, 42% of all travellers were from Europe, followed by Asia with 23% and the Middle-East with 13%.

This year, Abu Dhabi is placing its hopes in a quick return of travellers from Russia as well as an emergence of Jewish tourism, thanks to the normalisation of relations with Israel. The Dubai Expo will also be an attractive element for Abu Dhabi, said AlHashmi.

The country has already established a “Green List” comprising 13 countries exempted of compulsory quarantine.Β “The goal is to protect everyone. 50% of the population is already vaccinated, a number reaching 80% for workers in tourism. We also certify hotels of hygiene standards. 95% have already received a certification,” said AlHashmi.

Abu Dhabi international Airport’s procedures for arriving visitors has been totally reimagined with additional safety protection. And after hotels, the Go Safe Certification programme has been expanded to include malls, museums, amusement parks and restaurants.Abu Dhabi, to be explored in all safety