March 10, 2021

Tunisia: expecting a great year for tourism again in 2022

Tunisia’s Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Habib Ammar, talked about the evolution of the tourism sector in his country during a live press conference at ITB Berlin NOW.

According to the minister, Tunisia has been very successful in its fight against the pandemic and the implementation of health safety measures. According to the minister, despite a reopening of the country over the summer months, activity remained below expectation.

A new focus is being placed on the strengthening of the domestic tourism sector. It will remain a priority this year with a national strategy being implemented to see more domestic travellers. “Tourism in the Sahara will be one of our strategic goals for 2021”.

Internationally, the Minister forecasts more travellers looking for sustainable activities. “Seaside tourism made the reputation of our country. It will remain the bulk of it in the future but we need to focus more on sustainable products. This will make Tunisia a year-round destination,” said Ammar.

Tunisia: expecting a great year for tourism again in 2022

Photo: Habib Ammar, Tunisia Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts during ITB Now conference