For anyone who missed this year’s digital ITB Berlin Convention, videos of the entire three-day programme are now available on YouTube.

If you missed the opportunity to tune into the debates and topics that took place at this year’s three-day digital ITB Berlin convention, Messe Berlin and the ITB team have released some of the content on the YouTube.

Three events are now available:

The first link on YouTube provides access to al sessions that took place on day one of the convention. Dedicated to the future and resilience of tourism, it begins with an interview (in German) with Dr. Robert Habeck, the new German Federal Minister of Economy and Climate Protection who looked at the perspectives of tourism within challenging times of environment issues and a post-Covid recovery period.

March 8, 2022 :

The second link on the YouTube channel showcases the debates that took place on March 9 around e-travel and the digital revolution. It includes interviews with executives from Airbnb, Meta and Trivago among others.

March 9, 2022 :

The last video available on YouTube looks at responsible tourism. The final day of the conference day focused on climate change and the ways we prevent further damage and, in some cases, revert the devastating effects of climate change. Other topics covered include gender equality, the positive involvement of women in tourism and human rights for tourism workers.

March 10, 2022:

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