Azerbaijan has been added to, a website made by and for bird lovers. The website gives bird-watching enthusiasts an opportunity to find and share birding places. records already over 1,000 places across Europe for bird-watching. And Azerbaijan is now part of it!

For now, about 20 bird-watching areas have been added to the website in accordance with 4 regions of Azerbaijan. Bird-watchers can get detailed information about the seasonal birds in the area, geographical features of the area, additional tourist services, geographical location, parking lots, bird hotspots and more.

Azerbaijan is indeed a paradise for birds. The country records some 400 species of birds, ranging from many species of eagles and vultures, to exotic Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters, colourful flamingos, masses of waterfowl and rare warblers. There are many rare or endemic species to look out for too, such as the Shikra and the enigmatic Caspian Tit. Every season has its own exciting experiences for bird-watchers.

Straddling the border between East and West, the country blends geographical features of both parts of Europe, resulting in a remarkable range of landscapes, habitats, and climate zones. There are high mountains, extensive coastline and lowlands, reed-fringed lakes, wetlands and rivers, subtropical forests, and dry steppes and semi-deserts – all of which are buzzing with bird-life and their own set of attractive species.

Azerbaijan regions highlighted by are Aggol Lake, Shirvan, Mingachevir Lake, Mahmudchala Lake, Nakchivan city & Julfa, Batabat Lake, Mount Ilandag, the Araz River and Reservoir, Nabran, Khinalig & Laza, Besh Barmag, Khizi Mount, Altiaghaj National Park, Gizil Aghaj and Talish Mountains.

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